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isXperia is unique in that we have opened a whole new concept to network marketing by allowing Promoters access to our entourage of products!

At isXperia you can have it all. We have created a business model that will support you to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. At isXperia we have become the company of choice for thousands of people who are looking for a part-time or full-time alternative to jobs. We have a proven success system that has already helped thousands of people around the world accomplish their goals and we can help you too.

Our products allow you some options when talking with business associates, prospects or customers!

Elevacity - Live an Elevated Life

Vital Xpressions - Nutritionals for Men & Women

IO My Skin - Botanical Based Skin Care for Men & Women

Total Xpression - Spice up your love life! Vibrant products for Men and Women

isXperia offers a unique success system that works for all kinds of people with all kinds of dreams. It’s a step-by-step plan that allows you to participate on a part-time basis, if you’d like, or to build a business as small or as large as you choose. Most importantly, isXperia puts the future in your hands, not in the hands of a boss, or anyone else.

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Richard Mulcahey IsXperia Global Team Builders
  • Richard Mulcahey IsXperia Global Team Builders
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Welcome to isXPERIA!

We are a husband & wife team living in Charlotte Nc and want to say how blessed and truly excited we are to call IsXperia our \\"home\\".

We have had our own amazing results from using these products as we know YOU will too. We are building our organization with THIS company because not only are the products outstandingand they sell themselves, it's the integrity & compassion that's behind it.

This company has truly given us the vehicle that we needed to put us on the road to financial freedom.


Please feel free to Email or call us with any questions you may have and we will do all we can to answer them so we can help you get on the road to success!

Email : isxperiaglobalteam@gmail.com

 Call Us at 704-562-7478

About isXperia Global Team Builders

Isxperia  | 1 Unique Company - 5 Diverse Brands
Company Overview: isXperia supports people in their efforts to feel better, with our life changing nutrition line; look better, with our anti-aging skincare line; save money with our benefits and vacation program, and earn extra cash while working from home.

Products: isXperia has one of the most rewarding Direct Selling opportunities in the industry. Based on word-of-mouth advertising and ecommerce transactions, we provide our brands and products directly to the market place through our Independent Distributors. Our brands make so much sense providing solutions in areas where people are already spending money - Health & Wellness, Skin Care, Travel, Health Care.