Executive Team

Christopher Bratta, Owner

Christopher Bratta comes from a family of entreprenuers. His father was the owner of Bratta Electric and ran a crew of 10 electricians. From an early age Christopher knew he too would be like his father and own his own company. He just didn't think it would be in the network marketing industry.

Christopher became a pioneer in the industry, leading his teams up an impressive ladder, generating millions in sales during his time as a distributor. In the fall of 2007, Christopher founded isXperia based on the philosophy of truly building a company by distributors for distributors. For more than 17 years, prior to opening the doors of isXperia, he earned millions as a distributor in direct sales representing nutritional products.

Since inception of isXperia, Christopher has expanded the isXperia brand by opening up Xperia Hair & Spa, a high-end salon located in Fort Myers, FL along with building a software company that assists other network marketing companies with their back end needs.

Milo & Michelle Seidl

Milo and Michelle are often dubbed the “Dynamic Duo”! Milo is charismatic, with boundless energy, total enthusiasm, a savvy entrepreneur, and “Mr. Rock-n-Roll”. Michelle balances him out with her calm, warm, sincere nature and steady guided personality.

They are high school sweethearts that have been married over 30 years and have over 70 years collective experience in MLM. Together they have been multi-million dollar earners and reached the top ranks in the trade. This combined with their success in business for over 30 years makes them a perfect CEO team to lead isXperia.

Known for their strong work ethic and leadership, Milo and Michelle bring their years of knowledge and experience to grow isXperia into an industry leader. Through perseverance and common sense they have built several multimillion dollar companies from the ground up.



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